jangan jatuh

righthanded linda aka konda

"bintang jatuh
jangan sampai
kau mencecah
bintang jatuh kisahkanla
ke matanya yang membasah" -fynn jamal, bintang jatuh-

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for good, yes.
but to not loving u, it will take forever~

it's ok then, all loves are belongs to God aite..

yup, and He's the one who can decide whether this love can be disappeared or not. but I guess, He's still doesnt insist me to not loving you.

btw, w-day will be on this coming december, insyaAllah..

congrats btw..
i'm happy for u
take care of yourself and ppls around u..
we have no problem
but we just cannt be together
no matter what, i'll pray for the best..