How I wish~

righthanded linda aka konda

How i wish i can touch the sky
but i can't

How i wish to step on the cloud
but i also cant

How i wish i can follow the sunset
but i still can't

How i wish u can be stronger
but i just can only wish

how i wish i can make a wish
But I will forever can't


i know i'm a very bad person
that why i cant make a wish..
if only i can make it once
i wish i can forgetting u forever....

to you..
I apologize
I know you read my blog
I'm sorry
I know u will never accept my apologize
but still i wanna say sorry hurting you..
and still i put my respect on you no matter how
and the only thing you need to know is,
i cannot even make A wish
How can I move further

can i make a wish God?
I wish i'll die tomorrow so everybody will happy..

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pathetic. u wanna die. who will b happy when u do?

everyone will die when the time comes. but in me, yesterday and forever, you'll alive.

just how the dumex watch, dutchlady tupperware and milo flask alive in our mind~