righthanded linda aka konda

Some people says,
sharing is caring

to me,
sharing is pathetic..

some people says,
smoking is harmful

to me,
smoking is release.

some people says,
missing someone is beautiful

to me, it's suck!

some people says,
double is trouble
to me,
single is hard

some people says,
live must goes on

to me, i need to agree with it..

"We need to cut down the grass so that the flower can grow up peacefully
, If we cut the flower off, later,you will never taste the fruit"

When people ask a girl, there are so many route, why you choose the jam one? then the girl reply, because God send me here to go through this jam..maybe He wants me to be tough and patience..then they ask again, "So, when will you arrive then, looks like this jam seems never end" then the Girl reply "I will arrive if this jam let me pass through it.because there's no way out.Maybe it takes quite a loonng time, but I need to wait, even I need to stay here for the 1 whole night..i need to be patience, "How if this jam will never end?", they ask. "Then, send my regards to my Mother".

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the best one so far :)