Is Shisha harmful?

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While many may argue that Shisha smoking is not harmful, medical experts say otherwise.
Kuala Lumpur health department deputy head Dr Sellehudin Abu Bakar said Shisha was tobacco mixed with molasses and fruit flavours and tobacco product in any form contained nicotine.
He said all tobacco products were equally dangerous as it contained more than 3,500 chemicals of which 200 were toxic and 43 were carcinogenic.
“It is difficult to compare which product is more dangerous.
“It depends on several factors such as frequency of use, how deep the inhalation or if other ingredients are added besides tobacco itself,” said Dr Sellehudin.
He added that Shisha smoking was also addictive as it contained nicotine from tobacco smoke.
“Shisha smoking can lead to physical addiction and can also create psychological and habitual dependence to the user.
The water filter is a gimmick. Most of the toxic chemicals and nicotine are not water-soluble. Hence, they pass through the filter and is inhaled by a smoker, although other irritant substances, which are water-soluble, will get filtered.”
Meanwhile Reuters reported last week that the World Health Organisation (WHO) had announced that a single session of smoking Shisha yields a nicotine intake equivalent to more than one pack of cigarettes.
It is also reported that Shisha smoke retained all the carcinogens of cigarette smoke while adding more carbon monoxide and a separate set of carcinogens from the use of burning coals to keep the nicotine flowing, coupled with the risk of infection with tuberculosis or hepatitis from shared mouthpieces.
1st tyme aku try shisha...humm.ok la..walawpon susah gak nak master skill sedut menyedut n kuakn asap ikot idong (yus Terer hehe) .flavour n air vanilla coke..the taste was good but after a few hour my head start berpinar2..O.M.G rase berpusing..maybe sbb xpenah..n after bgn pagi pon still...last2 tertido kat dalam post grad lounge..last word from me..aku xkan try da SHISHA pasni but it was a great xperience..Thanx frens (joy,yus,she,zat,zul,fix) :-)

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shisha= bahaya ngan rokok tapi x ramai yg sedar atau buat2 tak tau

yusterer-> tak yah gtau org lain, nnt ramai yg nk bljr skiL

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hamboihh..sempat lagi promote diri kat sini..haha..

tak aci la lawan sapa terer kuar asap, lawan sapa paling banyak sedut asap arr weh..1st kak linda..2nd aku..ko last skali la..haha~..

p/s: kak linda, bakpo tak letak gambar nyoh?? baru hott.. :P...

p/s/s: saya pom toksey dah isap shisha..nanti dorang kluar bershisha, kiter tengok n amik gambar jelah ek? (^.^)

yus ; hehe malu2 plak..susa woo nak blaja skill kua asap ala2 naga tuh...dalam harry potter pown xde tunjuk..hekhek..

she: she, bukan sedot asap la..makan asap..bruup..kenyang...hakhak..gambo nyoh??
owh..tunggu pngarah film (lan)edit dulu..die da cilok sume video..

tuh ah..kalo depa isap shisha kite gi jalan2 aje la..kalo tengok kang ade yg ter-sedot lak kang..hehe