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righthanded linda aka konda

why people change?

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ppl change for dif reasons. some change for d btr. some for d worse. but everyone will eventually change tru out... to adapt, to try nu things, tru experience etc etc...

ppl change. thatz a fact that u cnt run from.


ko pun berubah jugak.

Pondan Operate Siap. Dulu lelaki. Skang?

lumrah. ppl change.
mula2 pun aku takleh terima. but skang dah bole.

Keane - Everybodys's change

al : if ppl turn to worse, is there any way to turn back?

jb: haha..dulu lelaki, skunk dah cun..hahah..pondan!! yep, u'r rite, everybody's change including just worry, "perubahan" tuh wat aku xknl sape diri aku..mungkin da sampai mase tuk muhasabah diri sndiri kot..

ppl can change back. that's y they say ppl learn fr mistakes. but u gotta do it b4 u knw. mmg x fair bg org2 yg kene face the ppl who change towards being worse, but it's life. you also hav d choice to stick with it n take d crap, or just leave.