embrassez-moi et le sourire pour moi avant que je vais

righthanded linda aka konda

1) me = homesick..[uncle, ur DSLR make me cry tonite..huhu :'( ]

2) me = strawberry cicah madu, me want you to stay beside me..as usual..never make u mine, because u are sweeeeet but too sour and high-fibre (serabut) which is contras with my taste..so u are safe now..:).so i dedicate this song to u [cliks here]

3)me = packing my luggage for my exciting trip..cant wait, really excited but lil bit nervous.."dive trip turn tragic", article in Malaysia Diving Community forum really leave a bad impact in my mind..But nevermind, saiye suda berlatih setahun untuk trip ini ..Hopefully everything will be occay..Pray for me humm?

4)me = want to dedicate this song for those who are sweet together..njoy~~ [cliks here] :))

5) me= will balik kampong A.S.A.P. kangen and craving for mak njang mazenah handmade :)

6)me = to pondanGs , embrassez-moi, serrez-moi dans ses bras et le sourire pour moi avant que je vais. kay? :p (tataw betol ke salah, sila tanye cikgu anda kay)

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ko saje ek
ak dah la tak sekolah TAHAP
manalah ak reti bahasa french ko

translate pliss


p/s: nnt balik rumah tau, tak elok tinggal rumah lame2, nnt jadi _____ (isi la tempat kosong sendiri)

rindu mak jugak



mane blaja neh kat tahap..
aku xpenah blaja french pown

nanti aku translate..ek?

ha..da ko kate camtuh, aku kire ko offer diri la kan nak jage umah aku..hehe

jom, set tyme balik uma..wit ley cari..nak?

Yeah DSLR can do wonders! That was only tip of an Iceberg! ha ha konon la.... (Konon dah mati he he)

About your trip, if you're not sure better rethink about it, but if you are so sure, by all means go! Follow procedures closely and good luck

~~good luck
~~have a nice trip
~~take care

me? me? wat bout me? huhuhu

kuala abg jm!!! then blk kite g swimming pastu cameron!!! waaa jln je keje...

cu: hehe..DSLR..make anything to be something..heh~~ good job uncle:)

humm..my journey will start tonite..no enough tyme to rethink..hehe..saiye dah ready..doakan saiye yeh? unless pak mbong mokhtar kate "no" baru la saiye xkan pegi..hehe

shah-on: yep..tq..i'll buy something for u..a reward for ur lovely bag from viet:)

Al: hehe.u? u hari nih berjangkit mood malas..concentrate to do nothin' eh? haha..cpt concentrate sambil kerut2 pale..haha

woopps~~ atas neh are from me ~linda~