Sipadan, Here i come!!!

righthanded linda aka konda

pic of Sipadan Island, Sabah, Malaysia (the dark area is a deeper sea..the depth are counted as berkilometer. can u imagine it. there's no bottom(ya la. diver only can reach 100m depth for only maximum 9 minute dive, how to go any deeper rite)..uu..lil bit horror..but it could be an extream and super duper experience..(hope so)

My diving team has planned a diving trip to Sipadan Island on Mei..Actually this trip is planned last I've waiting almost 6 month for this exciting trip..Sipadan, one of the most beautiful island in world and now is on track to qualify further in the listing as one of the seven new wonders of nature. .(do vote for it).Sipadan was nominated under the island category in the seven wonders contest and is currently positioned behind Thailand’s Ko Phi Phi, Bora Bora, the Galapagos, Cocos Island and Terra del Fuego. i think, every diver in world have a dream to dive in this diamond island, a diving haven and heaven..the "wall coral diving" sounds very interesting..

Sipadan Island is located in the Celebes Sea east of the major town of Tawau and off the coast of East Malaysia on the Island of Borneo. It was formed by living corals growing on top of an extinct volcanic cone that took thousands of years to develop and one of the richest marine habitats in the world. More than 3,000 species of fish and hundreds of coral species have been classified in this ecosystem. Normally rare diving scenes are frequently seen in the waters around Sipadan. So, before i go there, i'll list all the marine species which can be found in that island, for my references..i want to identify which sp we cant be found in Terengganu's island.(waahhh!! scientific giler..hahahhahahahhaha)

cant wait!! exciting me!! tik tok tik tok tik tok..cepat la mei...
*grin* :))

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ayok abah tak kasi... tak tayuk... btw how much the camera waterproof casing?

Ala..mane taw abah xkasi? mak bagi pegi..huhu...jgn la..saiye dah "mengikat perot" untuk pegi neh..hehe..btw, the casing is around RM600 - RM700 roughly. dunno the exact price.

jangan kena culik tau
atau buat2 kena culik

ak tak nak peristiwa 10 tahun lepas berulang kembali

nnt takde la pondan dlm hidup ak
baju butik dah bole start sedekah drp skrg

takpe, ak byk plastik hitam


kalo kene culik, masuk TV tuh muke aku
doakan la aku la..
ni baju butik yang di ingatnye..
bukan ko padan pown..hehe

btw, ko dah ley stat letak baju butik yg dalam beg tarik ko tuh dalam plastik itam, coz aku nak pinjam beg ko berguen gak la beg plastik itam ko yg byk2 tuh..hehe

mahal gak ye... bungkus dgn plastik je le.... 20sen jek..

that y la..hehe
but, if i buy the waterproof cam,
oso need the underwater casing as well. because, mesti akan leaking gak cam camera diver2 lain, n the photo oso not really chantek..better beli camera yg pic berkualiti macm DSLR (tp xmampu) n beli casing(nanti-nanti la) , cam sekarang pown da ok..hehe..naseb baik ade..hehe.